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Present your customers with the right offer at every touchpoint. The modular design of our self-learning real-time solution makes it possible to automatically generate personalized product and content recommendations along with dynamic prices and discounts. You can bet on the cutting edge technology of market leaders.

  • Maximize the customer lifetime value
  • Simple and flexible integration (SaaS version & software)
  • Omnichannel-capable total solution
  • Innovative technology (in-house R&D department)
  • Unlimited scalability (e.g. for growing product portfolio)

The Power of Personalization

Learn in just two minutes how to exceed your customer’s expectations at all touchpoints of omni-channel commerce using the prudsys RDE.

Your goals - our solutions

Your customers are predictable. We have the formula and can give you the leverage you need for profit with innovative real-time scenarios. Get to know our business cases.


Personalize product and content recommendations as well as search result lists in real time. Optimize the customer experience by generating relevant content at every touchpoint of the customer journey and increase sales and customer loyalty through personalized recommendations.

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Marketing Automation

Make accurate predictions about your customers’ behavior. Generate an appropriate incentive at the right time to optimize the conversion rate. Automatically select the target groups for your marketing actions, increasing the probability of response and your ROMI.

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Dynamic Pricing

Calculate the optimal price for millions of items at any time and optimize sales, turnover and earnings. In addition, take advantage of the up-selling potential of personalized discounts by automatically combining product and price using intelligent couponing solutions.

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