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Omni-channel personalization of your business cases in real time

Be closer to your customers than ever before. Count on a personalized customer approach across all channels and transform your visitors into loyal buyers.

In this digital age, connected users receive customized offers tailored directly to their needs - both online and offline. Omnichannel personalization is the order of the day. Count on 1:1 marketing and offer your customers a unique shopping experience at every touchpoint. This will help you increase customer loyalty and earnings over the long term. 

Transform unused information into turnover boosting knowledge with the prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short). Intelligent, self-learning algorithms analyze the shopping behavior of each of your customers, reacting to them individually and in real time. This way, products and content are generated that are adapted to the personal preferences of the user.  

With our easy to implement software and cloud solution, you can personalize 98 percent of your customer interactions - far beyond the areas of “recommendations” and “digital”. In so doing, the prudsys RDE is not geared towards any single marketing measure but rather it personalizes the complete customer journey. This allows you to always offer your customers the right deal at the perfect time and in the right place: in the web shop, on the go and at the POS. 

Thanks to the modular design of the prudsys RDE, you can achieve the following goals regardless of the sales channel:

  • Increase customer frequency 
  • Increase conversion rates 
  • Identify attractive customers 
  • Increase basket value 
  • Avoid returns and shopping basket cancellations 
  • Increase customer satisfaction 
  • Increase repeat purchases 
  • Optimize user-friendliness 
  • Tap into cross and up-selling potential 
  • Maximize customer lifetime value

The path you choose depends on your corporate goals and focus. Select one of the following three business cases and make an appointment today for a personal web session. Our support team will be happy to advise you.


Use our recommendation engine to offer your customers product and content recommendations as well as highly relevant personal search result lists at every touchpoint. Score points with a unique customer experience and maximize customer retention and your earnings.

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Marketing Automation

Create reliable predictions in real time about the behavior of your users and generate the right incentive at the right time in order to optimize your conversion rate. In addition, increase the probability of response to your marketing actions thanks to the automatic selection of the perfect target group.

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Dynamic Pricing

Fully automatically determine the optimal demand function for huge product ranges at any time. Easily combine personalized product recommendations and personalized discounts to increase sales within product categories or across the entire product range.

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