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The time is right for real-time analytic solutions, which will automatically take unused information and turn it into turnover boosting knowledge - on all customer interaction channels. With the multi-channel global solution prudsys RDE you realize new real-time scenarios for your business.


Personalize numerous areas of your online shop based on the user behaviour of your customers.
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Increase the opening and click-through rates of your newsletter with personalized content. Find out more

Offer your customers the best possible personalised mobile shopping experience. Find out more 

Make your business dynamic with individual customer approach and real time product range planning. Find out more


Latest press releases

  • 23. April 2014
    New ECC study confirms: Personalised offers and product recommendations are popular with online shoppers in Switzerland
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  • 15. April 2014
    Cologne, 7 May 2014: Increased sales through POS personalisation using Bluetooth beacons
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  • 02. April 2014
    Optimal return prediction at the 15th DATA MINING CUP
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  • 25. March 2014
    Club Bertelsmann relies on complete, personalised recommendation marketing through prudsys
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  • 27. February 2014
    prudsys RDE 3.5: New features for efficient real time personalisation and complete recommendation marketing
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